Peaceful War is an epic analysis of the unfolding drama between the clashing forces of the Chinese dream and American destiny.

Commercial Providence puts forward a new theory about the original conviction and commercial vision of the Founding Fathers of the United States and details how the creation of James Madison’s “Universal Empire” through Alexander Hamilton’s “Federalism” realizes Thomas Jefferson’s “Empire of Liberty.”

Trade for Peace traces the history of the two foreign policy traditions from their incarnation in the colonial settlements to their evolution into a lasting rivalry between Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian ideals.

Glocalization provides original analyzes and first-hand observations of global forces operating in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. With a historical framework of globalization and freedom, the author critically explores the influence of U.S. foreign policies and American values that has affected these countries where freedom prevails.

Human Environment is an interdisciplinary study of human environment and spatial organization in agriculture and it covers the historical development of the tea industry and analyzes a set of intriguing relationships among estate size, management, and environmental factors of tea production in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka in Pictures is an introductory book for secondary education.

Freedom on the March is a collection of articles appeared in the Asian American Press as he traveled around the world.

Monographs published by the University of Minnesota’s Department of Applied Economics on globalization, capitalism, Buddhist equilibrium, and poverty alleviation.